Service Restoration Act Will Strengthen US Military Amid International Crisis

By March 2, 2022March 8th, 2022Military, Politics

With the war raging in Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin ordering Russian nuclear deterrent forces to be placed on alert on Sunday, escalating tensions worldwide, Congress must insist President Joe Biden rescind his administration’s misguided federal vaccine mandate that has discharged hundreds of U.S. military from serving our country for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.

At a time of global destabilization, our commander in chief should be bolstering our nation’s armed forces in preparation for war, should the United States get dragged into the Russia/Ukrainian conflict — not sidelining our nation’s finest. The U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard are highly trained to protect our country and allies during these perilous times.

It’s simply common sense that more soldiers are better than less soldiers when it comes time to defend America from threats, both domestic and abroad — especially now, during Russia’s evil assault and invasion of Ukraine. The world is watching in horror as Russia’s military commits genocide, heinous war crimes against civilians and mass destruction of Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine, destabilizing Europe and the world at large.

Last month, Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, introduced legislation alongside seven GOP House colleagues dubbed the “Service Restoration Act” to reinstate fired military without delay.

“As Russia wages war on Ukraine, President Biden’s decision to punish hundreds of valuable military service members for exercising their medical and religious freedom is not only shameful — it recklessly undermines our own military readiness,” Roy told me via a statement on Wednesday.

“Republicans in Congress must do everything in their power to stop Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandates on those who protect our homeland, our interests, and our liberty. That’s why I introduced legislation not only to end these ridiculous COVID-19 vaccine mandates, but also to reinstate all separated service members who wish to continue to serve our country.”

The legislation is co-sponsored by Reps. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Ga., Michael Cloud, R-Texas, Bill Posey, R-Fla., Matt Rosendale, R-Mont., Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, Van Taylor, R-Texas, and Bob Good, R-Va.

The Biden administration’s wrong-headed vaccine mandate never made sense to begin with, given the COVID-19 vaccines do not stop transmission of the virus. Breakthrough infections are widespread and well-documented, as millions of vaccinated Americans have gotten the virus and potentially spread it to others. So, the premise that unvaccinated soldiers who most likely have natural immunity and are healthy are somehow deemed a medical threat to vaccinated soldiers is nonsense.

Full disclosure, I’m vaccinated and certainly not anti-vaccine. However, like most reasonable Americans, I believe personal health decisions should be made between an individual and their doctor, not forced by the heavy arm of the government.

That said, at this juncture, over two years into the pandemic, virtually every American knows someone who is vaccinated but still got the virus, myself included. So, for the Biden administration and the Pentagon to fire highly trained and capable U.S. soldiers, who most likely have natural immunity, from defending our country in order to protect fellow soldiers who are fully vaccinated isn’t “science”; it’s simply bad public policy.

Now that the pandemic is receding and we’re shifting to an endemic phase of the public health crisis, with mask mandates being rolled back nationwide, and vaccine passports and other COVID-19 restrictions going into the dustbin of history, there’s no longer a need or justification to restrict any U.S. soldier from serving our country honorably.

As a matter of national security, Biden should be strengthening America’s military preparedness during these treacherous times by getting capable U.S. soldiers off the bench and back to doing what they do best: protecting our homeland and interests here and abroad.

Adriana Cohen

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