Shake snub may linger for Liz

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Never underestimate the power of a photo — just ask Michael Dukakis; the image of him sitting in a tank in 1998 in Michigan tanked his bid for the White House.

Right after Tuesday night’s Democratic debate in Des Moines, Elizabeth Warren’s refusal to shake Bernie Sanders extended hand may have the same effect.

It was just bad decorum or poor sportsmanship — you pick.

After all, even some of the biggest rivals in sports, the Red Sox and Yankees for example, always shake hands after a game — no matter the stakes. Warren’s refusal to do so after a spat with her socialist opponent over unsubstantiated allegations of sexism lobbed by the former Harvard prof was a political misstep she may regret. It started with Warren pulling the gender card on her fellow senator alleging that he once told her a woman couldn’t win the presidency, something Sanders vehemently denied. “Does anybody in their right mind think a woman can’t be elected president?” Sanders asked. “Of course a woman can win.”

Something Bernie Sanders is intimately familiar with given that another woman, Hillary Clinton, beat him in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary. Clinton then went on to win the popular vote against Donald Trump.

Hence, many Americans aren’t buying what Warren’s alleging — including the president who weighed in during a campaign event in Wisconsin the same evening. “She (Warren) said that Bernie stated strongly that a woman can’t win.” Trump said. “I don’t believe that Bernie said that, I really don’t. It’s not the kind of thing Bernie would say.”

Many agree with the Twitter hashtag #Never-Warren trending Wednesday. Understandable given Elizabeth Warren has a documented history of lying.

Claiming she’s a Native American — check.

Saying she once got fired for being pregnant — check.

Claiming her kids went to public schools — check, check.

But wait, there’s more.

Warren’s also reportedly plagiarized Pow Wow Chow cookbook recipes.

Result? Even capitalists like myself who aren’t aligned with Sanders politically are inclined to believe him. Nonetheless, Warren’s miscalculation in refusing to shake his hand in the sprint to the Iowa caucuses could backfire, for if she does ultimately nab the Democratic nomination, she’ll need Bernie’s army of supporters to back her campaign.

Harder to do that now after she’s alienated many with both her sexist smear and refusal to shake the Vermont senator’s hand.

Not a wise move.

Adriana Cohen

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