Snuffing Out Common Sense – Tobacco Ban Bad for Local Businesses

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Who knew the “P” in “progressive” stood for “Prohibition”? 

That’s right. 

While Republicans champion liberty and vigorously defend freedom of choice, liberal progressives insist on stripping consumer choice while expanding the power of the Nanny State. Liberals empower the government and special interest groups to blatantly overreach into our lives and shopping carts, and ban any arbitrary product they don’t like. How is this progress? Have liberals forgotten what a colossal failure the prohibition of alcohol was? 

In Westminster, there is currently a movement underway to ban the sale of all tobacco products sold in the town. If passed, this would be the first town in the nation to ban all tobacco. Reminds one of Concord, where voters crazily banned bottled water — yes, water! — in 2012. Their fellow eco-extremists in Brookline banned plastic shopping bags and plastic foam containers. 

How’s that first-in-the-nation ban going in Concord? Not so well. Concord residents and visitors just buy single-serve bottled water in surrounding towns or online — in bulk — hurting local businesses, while the planet doesn’t benefit an iota. So residents lost their consumer choice for nothing more than vacuous, “feel-good” symbolism. 

If the tobacco ban passes, the same will happen in Westminster. Cigarette consumers will just buy their smokes in surrounding towns, hurting local businesses — while burning more gas/fossil fuels on their hunt for cigs. 

Clearly, the eco-police are not working in tandem with the food, beverage and tobacco cops. Shopping locally actually benefits the environment because residents drive shorter distances. 

Reality check: Has anyone who’s lived in a “dry town” stopped drinking beer? The answer is no. Beer-lovers just drive to surrounding towns and pick up a six-pack before Sunday’s football game. 

Here’s the deal. It’s Americans’ right to buy any legal product they wish. It’s not the role of government, special interest groups or elitist neighbors to dictate to the masses what they can or cannot eat, drink, smoke or buy. If it’s legal, people have a legal right to buy it. Otherwise, it needs to be made illegal. 

Ironic that Westminster is looking to ban tobacco, while the the rest of the state — and the country — is legalizing marijuana and opening pot dispensaries. So you can smoke pot and get high, but you can’t smoke cigarettes or a cigar. Make sense? 

Only if you’re stoned … 

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