Students caught in crossfire of media’s war on Trump

By January 20, 2019January 22nd, 2019Liberal Bias, Politics, Race

No, the teenagers at the March for Life Rally in Washington D.C. on Friday don’t deserve to be expelled from Covington Catholic High School. That’s an overreaction to a kerfuffle that took place between a group of teenage boys and a Native American elder seen in a video that went viral over the weekend.

If you watch the video, you’ll see the elder is singing and playing a ceremonial drum while a teenage boy wearing a MAGA hat looks at him impassively with a smirky smile. There was no physical altercation, only words reportedly exchanged between a group of rambunctious teenagers and the elder some are describing as “taunting.”

No one is excusing behavior that isn’t respectful toward others — a civilized society requires that we all be tolerant of one another — but bringing the hammer down on immature boys who were unsupervised during the encounter while on a school trip to the pro-life rally is going too far.

After all, the left and its lieutenants in media who are condemning the teens’ behavior right now are the same cabal who themselves taunt, degrade and smear the President and his millions of supporters — every single day — with verbal grenades far worse than anything these teenagers had to say.

You don’t have to think back very far to remember Calif. Rep. Maxine Waters urging Democrats to confront and harass Republicans at restaurants, gas stations and other public venues.

But the Dems get a free pass when they call President Trump a racist and every other despicable name in the book, often including unhinged comparisons to Hitler.

Conservatives know full well that if the the teens in question weren’t white, weren’t Catholic and there wasn’t a MAGA hat being worn by some of those in the video, the biased media wouldn’t even be covering it. But any chance they get to try and paint Trump supporters as white nationalists, bullies or bigots, makes the news.

It’s all part and parcel of the identity politics the left exploits to fuel its “divide and conquer” agenda.

There’s another reason the media is giving the incident in DC so much play —it’s to deflect from the seismic blow to its own credibility on Friday for sounding the impeachment call on the basis of a “fake news” Buzzfeed story that the Special Counsel later debunked.

Anyone can see the media’s motivation to change the subject.

The authorities at Covington Catholic High School ought to consider that before exacting punishment on its students.

Adriana Cohen

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