‘Stunning historic mistake’ puts Israel in danger

By July 15, 2015July 27th, 2015Foreign Policy, Terrorism

adriana-cohen-bh-cover-story-15july2015Congratulations to President Obama.

He’s the first U.S. president in American history to throw Israel under the bus.

The disastrous nuclear deal that both Obama and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry struck with Iran yesterday does nothing to protect our one and only Democratic ally in the Middle East.

In fact, it accomplishes the opposite. It puts Israel at risk of a nuclear holocaust as the deal won’t stop Iran — its mortal enemy — from getting nuclear weapons capability. It only hits the pause button in a smoke-and-mirrors game.

The heavily flawed deal also relieves $100 billion in sanctions that Iran — the world’s central banker of terror — will undoubtedly use to fund the Shiite militia in Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Islamic Jihad of Gaza, the Houthis in Yemen and other terror groups worldwide that hate Israel and the United States, Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer tweeted.

Let’s remember that 9/11 only cost al-Qaeda roughly $500,000 to execute — and look how many thousands of Americans were killed and the damage that terror attack did.

Now ask yourself: What harm could Iran — or its radical terror proxies — inflict upon the U.S. or Israel with billions of dollars?

I shudder to think.

GOP presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham called the Iran deal a “disaster” yesterday during an interview on Boston Herald Radio. Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton — a foreign policy expert who also joined the show — said the deal is a “defeat of historic proportions for the United States.”

Yet with rose-colored glasses on, the president naively believes the deal is a good one 
and that Iran someday will become part of the “community of nations.”

We won’t hold our breath.

In a rally in Tehran on Friday, frenzied mobs burned both the American and Israeli flags while chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

If that’s not a wake-up call, this is — Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei said four days ago the United States “embodies global arrogance and the battle against it will continue unabated even after the nuclear agreement is concluded.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday the deal is “a stunning historic mistake” that “repeats the mistakes made with North Korea.”

Yes, a country that sponsors global terror is the last place on Earth that should have nuclear weapons.

Adriana Cohen is co-host of “Boston Herald Drive” on Herald Radio. Follow her on Twitter @AdrianaCohen16.

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