Surging Gas Prices Trigger Trump Nostalgia

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President Joe Biden is claiming he can’t do anything about surging oil and gas prices shivving Americans nationwide. That’s malarky, and everyone knows it. We’ve been paying more at the pump since Biden climbed out of his basement and moved into his new digs on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue just over a year ago.

Long before Russia invaded Ukraine, Americans have steadily been paying more for gas over the past year, despite the Biden administration’s disingenuous attempt to deflect blame onto others for its disastrous energy policies. On Tuesday, after the White House announced the U.S. is banning oil imports from Russia, a reporter asked the president about the effect it will have on gas prices stateside.

“Can’t do much right now,” the president said. “Russia is responsible.” Never mind that Democrats and his administration have been waging war on the U.S. fossil fuel industry, canceling the Keystone XL pipeline from the get-go and implementing other detrimental policies and regulations causing gasoline and oil prices to surge nationwide.

It’s no secret that when Donald Trump was president, gas prices were often under $2 per gallon. This Wednesday, the national average set a record at a whopping $4.25 per gallon — the highest in American history — according to AAA, with some places such as California charging an average of $5.57 per gallon.

“The average U.S. household spent $3,100 on gas in 2021, according to Yardeni Research. But the recent spike in gas could end up costing Americans as much as $2,000 more this year, the investment research firm estimated in a report,” reported CBS News this week.

Miss Trump yet?

Whether you liked the former president’s style or not, there’s no question that Americans’ wallets were fatter and the U.S. energy sector was more secure during his administration versus the current one, which evidently cares more about appeasing its party’s climate donors and special interest groups than protecting working families trying to make ends meet.

Make no mistake; energy security is national security. When America is energy independent, we negotiate U.S. foreign policy from a position of strength. When our nation is dependent on despotic regimes for oil, however, like Saudi Arabia and Iran — the world’s largest sponsor of terror — and other OPEC nations, we enter talks with one hand tied behind our back.

Democrats know this — they’re not that stupid — but unfortunately for our country, the left prefers to kowtow to deep-pocketed climate activists, even though numerous studies — including from the U.S. State Department — have shown that the Keystone XL pipeline that Biden axed early on in his tenure wouldn’t have harmed the environment.

In a piece titled “Keystone XL Pipeline Does Little Environmental Harm, US Finds” ABC News wrote in 2013 that a study done by the State Department concluded “in a draft environmental impact statement that the project would not accelerate global greenhouse gas emissions or significantly harm the natural habitats along its route.”

“The agency found it ‘very unlikely’ that the pipeline would affect water quality in any of the four aquifers through which it crossed. It also concluded that along one part of the proposed route, in the case of a large-scale oil spill, ‘these impacts would typically be limited to within several hundred feet of the release source, and would not affect groundwater.'”

How’s that for irony? The Biden administration canceled the Keystone pipeline because radical climate activists claim the pipeline is “bad” for the environment, despite evidence to the contrary by Biden’s own State Department while he was vice president.

But that’s not all. Team Biden has also suspended all new oil and gas drilling leases indefinitely to, you guessed it, appease the climate cabal, many of whom hypocritically fly private gas-guzzling jets, party on mega yachts, live in big houses and drive big cars while the working man gets the shaft.

Something tells me that, come midterms, the Democratic Party will pay the price.

Adriana Cohen

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