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Sensible moves help keep lid on virus crisis

During this time of crisis combating a highly contagious virus that has upended our way of life we are fortunate to have bold and decisive leadership keeping us safe and informed. President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and the Coronavirus Task Force are doing an exemplary job taking swift and sensible action to blunt the spread of the virus.

At the outset in January the president banned travel to the United States from China where coronavirus originated. He then blocked travel from South Korea and Italy, two other hotspots for the pandemic. Next he banned travel from Europe — in addition to implementing dozens of other smart and innovative actions to contain the spread.

On Wednesday, the Trump Administration invoked the Defense Production Act which will ramp manufacturing and distribution of emergency equipment and medical supplies to meet this burgeoning challenge. This includes increased production of ventilators, masks and respirators and as well as expanding access to medical treatment aboard U.S. Navy ships to provide relief to overwhelmed hospitals.

The White House announced during its press briefing that HUD (Housing and Urban Development) will suspend all foreclosures and evictions through the end of April.

The president is working with Congress to get a massive $1 trillion stimulus passed to assist struggling taxpayers, small businesses and corporations such the airline, cruise and hotel industries who’ve been hit hard by the pandemic.

The Coronavirus Task Force is also working closely with stakeholders in the health industry and scientific community to expedite testing kits being more readily available nationwide as well as the development of a vaccine and other therapeutic treatments for those who become afflicted.

The Administration is also doing a commendable job partnering with the private sector to combat the disease. This includes working with Google to create a screening website and initiating drivethru testing. The administration has also made Tele-Health possible so Americans can avoid overcrowded emergency rooms and germ-filled doctors’ offices and instead get medical advice and treatment options from a doctor over the phone or internet.

A game changer.

As you can see the president and his Administration are working overtime delivering real-time solutions to combat this crisis and keep America safe. They deserve our unwavering support.

Adriana Cohen

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