Tech no-how makes Clinton security risk

In an age of terror and cyberwarfare where foreign enemies from China to Russia have the potential to inflict serious harm to our national security, the last thing we need is an IT illiterate occupying the White House.

On the heels of the FBI finding Hillary Clinton was 
“extremely careless” in her handling of classified material on her insecure servers — stored in a bathroom — while secretary of state, we’ve now just learned in the explosive WikiLeaks data dump that Democratic National Committee members are also tech bozos when it comes to protecting sensitive data.

Is this who we want safeguarding our nation’s secrets?

That’s like hiring a lifeguard at the town pool who doesn’t know how to swim.

The latest hack into the DNC email system — which cost 
disgraced party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz her job in an ongoing public meltdown — is yet another glaring example where Democrats can’t be 
trusted to manage sensitive 

Year after year, we learn of major U.S. government agencies being hacked, exposing millions of Americans’ private information to criminals, enemies and cyber spies. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management hack alone — the worst in history — exposed the files of 21 million Americans. Think Social Security numbers, names, addresses, birth dates and other sensitive information.

The New York Times reported, “The federal personnel agency came under fire for 
neglecting to put in basic cybersecurity protections to prevent the plunder.”

Now we’ve just learned from both the FBI and WikiLeaks that both Clinton and the DNC failed to install adequate cybersecurity protections.

Again, is this who Americans want protecting our country from cyberterrorism?

The very thought of a Clinton White House has got our 
enemies — Russia, Iran, the 
Islamic State, China and North Korea — licking their lips.

Americans, on the other hand, ought to think twice, given 
the compounding global threats we face.

Clearly, we need leaders in the White House who aren’t tech dummies in an age of 
sophisticated hackers who wish us harm. Electing someone like Hillary Clinton who doesn’t know you can put two email addresses on one device is like sending Pajama Boy into a knife fight with a highly trained jihadi.

Who do you think’s going to lose that battle?

We will. Voters beware.

Adriana Cohen

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