The Biden Administration’s Failing Report Card

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It’s time for the annual report card of the Biden administration. First and foremost, it’s every president and vice president’s duty to protect the homeland and its citizens’ freedoms enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. On these fronts, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris get F’s for failing to act in the best interests of the American people.

The administration’s reckless mismanagement of the southern border isn’t just a costly immigration failure; it’s a national security threat endangering the safety and security of American citizens. The unprecedented surge of migrant border apprehensions is expected to reach a staggering 2 million by year’s end. Daily, approximately 1,000 unvetted border crossers known as “got aways” by Border Patrol enter the country illegally, putting our country at risk of a terror attack. If you’re an optimist, you may believe that most human beings carry noble intentions, but Bostonians know firsthand that all it takes is two radicalized terrorists to inflict deadly mayhem and destruction, as witnessed during the horrific 2013 marathon bombings.

Biden and his giggling veep’s refusal to address this looming threat — as well as the disturbing reports of human trafficking and the deluge of illicit deadly drugs pouring into the country — is a dereliction of duty. To put the drug crisis into perspective, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported this week that over 100,000 Americans died from drug overdoses over a 12-month period ending April 2021, an alarming 28.5% increase from the year prior.

“Today, drug cartels in Mexico are mass-producing fentanyl and methamphetamine largely sourced from chemicals in China. And they’re distributing these substances throughout the United States,” Drug Enforcement Administration administrator Anne Milgram said.

More reason to strengthen border security, not weaken it, as the Biden administration has done from the get-go. Now add the White House’s nonsensical actions permitting scores of migrants into the country who weren’t tested for the highly contagious coronavirus during a pandemic. “The disaster at our southern border continues to leave visible ripple effects, creating a multitude of national security threats ranging from possible known terrorists attempting to cross our border to exacerbating the spread of COVID-19,” Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., wrote in the Washington Examiner this month. Clyde serves on the House Homeland Security Committee and the American Security Task Force.

The stark reality is we will never be able to put the grueling pandemic behind us and resume normalcy if Democrats in power refuse to secure the border and continue to permit coronavirus-infected migrants to be transported to a city near you.

In September, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas fessed up that thousands of migrants who crossed the border illegally from Haiti had been released into the U.S. “Approximately, I think it’s about 10,000 or so, 12,000,” he said, adding, “It could be even higher.” When pressed by reporters if any of those individuals had been tested for coronavirus prior to being released into our communities, Mayorkas admitted: “Yeah, so, we did not test that population of individuals. We do not know — I do not know, I should say, if I may be perfectly accurate — I do not know whether anyone was sick with COVID.”

Clearly, this administration is more interested in its own political agenda than protecting the American people.

We also learned over the summer that roughly 30% of migrants in U.S. border facilities refused the COVID-19 vaccine. So, while Americans are being forced by this authoritarian regime to get vaccinated or risk severe penalties, illegal border crossers aren’t required to get the vaccine.

Apparently, under Democratic rule today, American citizens are second-class citizens. This includes parents who are not permitted to speak out at local school board meetings lest they be labeled “domestic terrorists” and targeted by the FBI. It goes without saying that any administration that weaponizes the U.S. Department of Justice against moms and dads who have legitimate concerns about what their children are learning at school deserves an F when it comes to education, free speech and the protection of basic civil liberties.

On the economic front, perhaps only former President Jimmy Carter could be proud, as inflation has skyrocketed to a 30-year high. We’re paying more for gas, food and just about everything else, while store shelves remain empty due to supply chain mismanagement. Only the Grinch is pleased Santa Claus won’t be able to place as many gifts under the Christmas tree this year.

With foreign policy, we saw the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan that tragically killed 13 U.S. soldiers. Months later, we still don’t know how many Americans are trapped behind enemy lines or how many of our Afghan allies continue to be in harm’s way.

All said, this is who gives Biden’s camp an A grade: Communist China for not being held accountable for its dual roles in the deadly COVID-19 pandemic and opioid crisis. And the teachers unions and “woke” crowd indoctrinating youth to hate America. And the Taliban, who were handed Afghanistan with billions of U.S. military weapons to add to their arsenal. They all give Team Biden glowing reviews.

Adriana Cohen

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