The national nightmare that is Sanders

The National Nightmare that is Sanders IconWhat we witnessed at the Democratic debate in South Carolina Tuesday night was, in one word, terrifying.

There was Comrade Bernie, the Democratic frontrunner, praising Cuba’s brutal Communist dictator Fidel Castro’s literacy program, an indoctrination tool used by the tyrant to brainwash the masses. “Primary and secondary schools are little more than Marxist indoctrination centers, where students are taught only what the state wants them to know. That’s how they keep people quiet,” reported Investor’s Business Daily’s Editorial Board. Nonetheless, this is what Bernie Sanders, the Democrat Party’s standard bearer, thinks is praise worthy. Of course none of the other candidates on the debate stage asked what good is it for Cubans to be forced to read Communist propaganda while they’re starving to death. Or tortured in Castro’s gulags or killed in firing squads for speaking out against the oppressive totalitarian regime.

But instead of illustrating those horrors long documented in the annals of history, the far-left frontrunner attacked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instead. Sanders called the head of Israel, a longstanding U.S. ally, a “racist.”

This is today’s Democratic Party, where its leading presidential candidate, a self-avowed Socialist, slams the prime minister of a Democracy whose citizens enjoy countless freedoms and opportunity while praising a Communist tyrant whose regime oppressed its own people.

That alone tells voters all they need to know about the front-runners’ ideology.

Now let’s look at Sanders’ big government proposals including Medicare For All, “free” college tuition and his expansive climate initiatives — just to name a few of his massive policies. They will double the size of the federal government and cost an estimated $97.5 trillion over the next decade, according to a calculation by Manhattan Institute senior fellow Brian Riedl, who analyzed the scope and costs of his plans.

It’s an astronomical and unaffordable amount that will sink the U.S. economy.

If you think passing along the current $23 trillion national debt to your kids and grandchildren is burdensome if not immoral, just imagine what a Socialist like Sanders will do, if elected, who by the way also wants to give “free” health care to millions of illegal immigrants.

It’s no wonder President Trump has throngs of supporters camping out for days to get into his campaign rallies. They know the future of our country is at stake and, yes, elections do have consequences.

Adriana Cohen

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