Time for a Mass Exodus From Facebook and Twitter

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Bravo to podcast star Joe Rogan for encouraging his millions of followers on biased Twitter to join him on Gettr, an alternate social media network, in response to Twitter banning Dr. Robert Malone, a scientist and contributor to mRNA vaccine technology, GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and virtually anyone who strays from its left-wing political ideology.

Regardless of if one agrees with Malone’s or Greene’s controversial statements, we’ve got a serious problem in America today when Twitter allows the supreme leader of Iran — a designated state sponsor of terror by the U.S. State Department since 1984 — to have an account, but not a former president, an American scientist and an elected member of Congress.

In fact, on Wednesday, Jan. 5, Ayatollah Khamenei tweeted threats of violence against former President Donald Trump and presumably members of his former administration. “Martyr Soleimani is an eternal reality that will live on forever. His assassins – including Trump & the likes – will disappear in history’s garbage bin, but of course after receiving retribution in this world for the crime they committed, God willing.” So, according to Twitter, the leader of a terror state can threaten to “disappear” a former U.S. president and threaten retribution against him and other U.S. citizens and that’s A-OK, but Americans who do not threaten violence, they simply express alternate points of view or controversial opinions, are jettisoned from the platform.

Let that sink in.

Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms — run by rabid left-wing political activists and biased “fact-checkers” — pretend they’re not politically biased and are just censoring “misinformation” on their networks is comical considering how disproportionally and aggressively it targets, silences and de-platforms conservatives en masse, while giving a pass to the left.

If you recall, Twitter and Facebook relentlessly “fact-checked” Donald Trump’s social media posts while he was president before banning the leader of the free world entirely in January 2021 for missives they didn’t like, but they don’t bother to fact-check, censor or ban malicious lies and “misinformation” spread by Democrats. The debunked “Russia collusion hoax” conspiracy theory disseminated by left-wing legacy media outlets and liberal politicians, including Hillary Clinton and Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., are one glaring example.

Why do those documented liars who trafficked the yearslong Russia, Russia, Russia conspiracy theories still have their social media accounts but not Trump, many of his supporters and other conservative members of Congress?

Ballotpedia, the nonpartisan political encyclopedia, published a tally of elected members of Congress who’ve either been suspended or banned by Twitter, Facebook or YouTube to date. The list includes Reps. Jim Banks, Briscoe Cain, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Barry Moore; and Sens. Ron Johnson, Rand Paul and aforementioned Trump. Now add Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was also wrongfully censored and locked out of his Twitter reelection campaign account in August 2019 for allegedly violating its arbitrary “terms of service.”

What do all these elected government officials have in common? Surprise! They’re all Republicans. Not a single Democrat politician made the list.

You don’t say …

And let’s not forget Twitter’s outrageous banning of the New York Post’s factual reporting regarding Hunter Biden’s shady foreign business dealings exposed in his controversial laptop in the runup to the 2020 election. Undoubtedly, Twitter’s unjustified censorship of the Post’s well-sourced and accurate reporting in near proximity to the election may have influenced the outcome. If undecided voters in key swing states had learned about Hunter Biden’s sketchy business dealings with questionable foreign entities and the “Big Guy” Joe Biden’s reported involvement potentially compromising U.S. national security, how many would have voted differently?

Hence Big Tech’s censorship isn’t just plain wrong; during an election cycle, it’s arguably election meddling — a crime.

Of course, we won’t see Biden’s Justice Department going after Democrats’ Big Tech donors in Silicon Valley to “preserve the integrity” of our elections anytime soon. They’re too busy targeting moms and dads at school board meetings.

If Big Tech were unbiased, as Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have claimed before Congress, why haven’t they suspended all the so-called journalists and blue-check-verified pundits who trafficked the debunked “Russia collusion” hoax? The mega misinformation campaign was waged by Team Hillary and the Democratic Machine to delegitimize the Trump administration, sowing distrust in U.S. elections.

If you recall, it was CNN that broke the story on TV of the discredited “dossier” paid for by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee. And then the rest of “Hate Trump” media piled on, fanning the conspiracy theory — for years — before the special counsel investigation concluded there was no “there there.”

Why are all those complicit in that five-alarm conspiracy theory permitted to remain on social media? You already know the answer: to stack the deck against half the country and keep Democrats in power.

Enough is enough. Censorship is not only un-American and ripping at the fabric of our Democracy; it also impacts elections when Big Tech monopolies silence free thinkers and right-leaning voices while amplifying their political counterparts.

It’s a rigged system that has dangerous, far-reaching ramifications.

That said, it’s high time for prominent voices and influencers with large social media followings in media, politics, business, sports and entertainment who value freedom of speech — and free elections — to join Joe Rogan and encourage their followers to engage in a mass exodus from Twitter, Facebook and other social media that silence speech.

In fact, it’s all Americans’ patriotic duty to speak out against censorship and take a stand against Big Tech’s dismantling of the First Amendment — before they come for you.

It’s only a matter of time — just ask oppressed Chinese citizens assigned a “social credit score” by the Chinese Communist Party that punishes citizens who speak out against the government or say anything of which the regime doesn’t approve.

Bottom line: If Americans continue to accept Big Tech’s ever-growing censorship and massive control of freedom of expression, a similar fate could await. The time to act is now.

Adriana Cohen

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