Time for commander in chief to wake up

By November 5, 2015November 6th, 2015Foreign Policy, Terrorism

Intelligence officials delivered a sobering wake-up call to all of us yesterday — including our feckless commander in chief.

We learned an explosive device could have taken down the Russian jet found in the Sinai Peninsula Saturday, killing all 224 people on board — including children.

If terrorists are ultimately to blame, it’s one of our worst fears come true.

What we do know is that if ISIS can blow up a Russian passenger plane, they can do it to us.

They can also wreak havoc on our domestic subway trains or commuter rails that have virtually no security and are highly vulnerable to a terror attack.

Amtrak and other U.S. train providers are officially on notice.

In addition to U.S. airlines, security must also be ramped up on all cargo before it’s too late — cargo in trains and in our ports.

At this point it’s time the president stopped taking selfies and renaming mountains. As commander in chief, he has a duty to take the radical Islamist threat seriously and implement real measures to combat it, not symbolic ones.

Since the U.S. airstrikes began in Iraq over a year ago, President Obama still doesn’t have a military strategy to defeat ISIS. What kind of message does that send to foreign enemies worldwide — including the Islamic State?

Incompetence? Or weakness?

Take your pick.

Over a year into this so called “coalition” war with ISIS, it’s ridiculous the leader of the free world has no viable plan of action, other than mostly ineffective airstrikes and blowing over $500 million of our tax dollars to train 50 moderate “rebels” — which has been a complete bust.

Any of the Republican presidential contenders would have had a strategy by now if they were in Obama’s seat. Especially given the fact that ISIS has already released videos threatening to attack America and raise the black jihadi flag at the White House.

If you think that scenario is far-fetched, you’ve forgotten 9/11, where al-Qaeda hijacked Flight 93 — headed for either the Capitol or the White House. If it weren’t for the brave heroes onboard who rushed the cockpit and diverted the plane, radical Islamist terrorists could’ve hit all four targets they were aiming for that fateful day.

With a weak president and secretary of state, coupled with radical extremists on the march, we’re sitting ducks for another terrorist attack.

It’s just a matter of time.

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