Time for Reince Preibus to tell Kellyanne Conway ‘you’re fired’

By March 1, 2017March 3rd, 2017Politics, Women's Issues

Like bridesmaids who should never overshadow the bride, White House staffers shouldn’t be eclipsing the president’s policies by grabbing headlines and becoming the story. And for that, White House Chief of Staff Reince Preibus must bench Kellyanne Conway.

It’s long overdue.

Since President Trump took office, there’s barely been a week that goes by without Trump’s top adviser causing a major controversy.

Whether that’s from disastrous TV interviews where Conway falsely claimed there was a “Bowling Green massacre” committed by terrorists — which never took place — costing the administration credibility on serious matters, or her self-described “TV commercial” promoting Ivanka Trump’s clothing line on a news show, violating ethics rules that bar government employees from shilling for private entities. In both instances, instead of media talking about her boss’ bold agenda and early successes in office, it’s Conway trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

The list of cringe-worthy Conway episodes grew this week with a wildly inappropriate photo taken of her perched casually — way too casually — on an Oval Office sofa during a meeting with the president and African-American leaders.

Conway had her knees bent and splayed, looking unprofessional to say the least. Unsurprisingly, the photo caused yet another media frenzy, and left no doubt that Conway is way too comfortable with her boss, to the point of being disrespectful of the office.

At this point voters must be wondering: Why doesn’t Kellyanne just show up to work in her pajamas?

Whether or not Trump and Conway have a strictly professional relationship isn’t the issue. What’s of greater concern is the poor judgment of the president’s top adviser.

After the explosive “Access Hollywood” tape was leaked last summer, giving the world the distinct impression Trump may be a skirt-chaser, Conway — a 50-year-old lawyer who should know better — shouldn’t be fueling that kind of salacious speculation.

It’s not like the press is giving the Trump administration any breaks. Why give them ammunition?

Bottom line: In Trump’s historic first 100 days, we should only be talking about his policies, not his controversial staff. Time for Preibus to say, “You’re fired.”

Adriana Cohen

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