Tolerance Is a Two-Way Street

Throughout our educational system, labor force and pop culture, liberals everywhere push the notion of tolerance, inclusivity and diversity in virtually every aspect of our lives. They want even the most traditional and religious among us to part with traditional norms and accept a plethora of different lifestyles, marital constructs and sexual orientations — including transgender men having babies and some boys dressing like girls — not to mention transgender bathrooms.

On Facebook alone, they want us to quietly accept that the social media goliath offers 71 different genders users can choose from on its platform. but progressives can’t accept a president who’s different from his predecessors — a president such as Donald Trump, who has a different style of communicating and governing than past occupants of the Oval Office.

So which is it? Are liberals truly pro-diversity or just stringing us along?

If progressives insist we live in a culturally diverse society that must be tolerant of all different walks of life, then why the blatant intolerance when it comes to accepting a brash businessman who colors outside the lines as our commander in chief?

If liberals want the average American family possessing traditional values to accept letting one’s freak flag fly, why can’t they handle a president who tweets his policy agenda?

Why can’t they accept a president who isn’t politically correct and prefers to speak straight from the heart, versus having a team of public relations experts craft sanitized talking points?

Why can’t they tolerate a leader who is authentic, as opposed to phony past presidents who cared more about sounding good and winning applause from the politically correct chattering class than actually solving our nation’s problems?

Truth is, millions of Americans would prefer having a rough-around-the-edges president who creates 3 million jobs, as Trump did during his first year in office, and who reduces the unemployment rate for black Americans and minorities to historically low levels while adding over $7 trillion in value to the stock market to having an empty-suit globalist who looks and acts the part of a U.S. president but fails to improve the lives of working folk.

If we take a walk down memory lane, America had former President George W. Bush, a politically correct establishment politician who didn’t offend anyone or tweet but who brought us the disastrous Iraq War. Then we had eight years of Barack Obama — a president straight out of central casting — who spoke diplomatically but whose failed leadership gave rise to the Islamic State group, allowed North Korea to advance its nuclear weapons program and provided vacuous “red lines” contributing to genocide in Syria while adding $8 trillion to our national debt.

Just to name a few domestic and foreign policy shortcomings of significant consequence.

So the next time a liberal tells you to accept the notion of diversity, say sure, but also remind the person that tolerance is a two-way street.

In November 2016, about 63 million Americans voted for a different type of president.

Deal with it.

Adriana Cohen

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