Tragic for sure, but James Comey’s hardly a hero

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The tragedy performed by James Comey did more to sully his reputation, the Obama administration and the left-lurching media than our president.

For starters, the fired FBI director flamed The New York Times for pushing the narrative of a nefarious link between Russian moles and the Trump team. That story this past winter, Comey testified yesterday, was “in the main, it was not true.”

Nobody can make nearly 63 million Americans drive in their cars to polling stations, wait in line and vote for Donald Trump.

Then there’s Comey’s assertion that President Trump was not under FBI investigation, which blows another hole in fake news reports that Trump fired Comey to keep the G-men away from his address.

Newsflash: You can’t obstruct an investigation that doesn’t exist.

If that’s not enough to make your stomach turn, Comey also admitted that he kept highly detailed memos of private — if not privileged — conversations with the president and then leaked them.

Comey said he did this to create public pressure to appoint a special counsel to investigate Trump and his administration. Which now begs the question: If Comey leaked confidential memos — which is highly inappropriate — did he also scatter other sensitive information to undermine the administration?

Those are serious questions the public is now asking.

And then there’s Comey’s stunning revelation that his former boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch — an Obama appointee — directed him to downplay the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Comey implicated Lynch by saying she told him to call the email probe a “matter” instead of an “investigation” demonstrating, at minimum, political partisanship.

How can the head of the FBI do an honest and impartial investigation when his boss tells him to water down the press statements?

That’s beyond seedy, it’s Chicago-style politics.

Worse, not only did Comey land Lynch in hot water and damage any shred of credibility she may have had left, he also tarnished his own name by not reporting that bombshell last spring.

Had the public known Lynch was pressuring the director of the FBI to downgrade the email probe, that would’ve been a game changer that may have boosted Bernie Sanders’ candidacy.

Bottom line: The DOJ and the Senate Intelligence Committee must investigate Comey’s troubling leaks and Lynch’s cozy collusion with the Clinton camp with the same vigor they are using on Trump.

Adriana Cohen

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