Trump Doctrine on display with ISIS hit

The president’s elimination of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi isn’t just a major national security victory heard ’round the world — it’s a glimpse into the Trump Doctrine, a new foreign policy strategy that will no longer embroil the United States in costly, neverending foreign wars we can’t win that put our beloved military in harm’s way.

Under Trump’s leadership that’s changing in real time as he seeks to limit America’s involvement in senseless wars, failed regime changes and instead deploy effective surgical strikes by our U.S. Special Forces taking out dangerous terrorists like we saw with al-Baghdadi’s deserved demise.

That’s a far better military strategy than deploying our sons and daughters to foreign wastelands to lose life and limb fighting in rudderless wars with no end game in sight.

Unsurprisingly the few not cheering this commonsense military strategy are war hawks and their comrades in the military-industrial complex who financially benefit from perpetual wars — no matter the treasure we lose on the battlefield.

Under our Commander-in- Chief they’re now being put on notice.

For those paying attention, the president has been personally impacted by the suffering he’s witnessed firsthand visiting our wounded heroes at Walter Reed hospital and the flag draped caskets of fallen soldiers he’s seen return home from combat zones at Dover Air Force Base. This is something Trump spoke about at a White House event earlier this month.

He shared a heartbreaking story about the families of fallen U.S. soldiers who appeared to be doing OK despite the tragic loss of their loved ones, saying, in part, “and then 20 minutes later we’ll be outside when that big cargo plane pulls up and that door comes down, and they are walking the coffin with their boy inside, this coffin with an American flag over the top,” the president lamented. “And I’ve seen relatives that I thought were really incredible the way they were taking it — I didn’t even understand how they could take it so well — scream like I’ve never seen anything before.”

Well those screams will no longer be in vain as the president has already drawn down troops in Afghanistan, pulled troops out of Syria and is making good on his promise to stop “the endless wars.”

At a recent news conference in Kabul alongside Defense Secretary Mark Esper who was visiting Afghanistan, General Austin “Scott” Miller said, “unbeknownst to the public as part of our optimization … we reduced our authorized strength by 2,000 here” signaling a trend that could continue as the president is committed to bring our troops home while maintaining a strong counter-terrorism presence abroad.

The trend is something voters will respond kindly to come 2020.

Adriana Cohen

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