Twitter actively dismantling free speech

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Angel Mom is un-American.

It’s time to stop Twitter’s anti-American, anti-conservative censorship once and for all.

The social media platform is destroying free speech as we know it by continuously silencing any and all expression — especially political — that strays from its strict liberal orthodoxy.

The latest outrageous example is Twitter banning Angel Mom, Mary Ann Mendoza, from its network. Her 32-year-old son, Brandon Mendoza, a cop, was killed in a head-on collision by a drunk illegal immigrant driving the wrong way in Arizona in 2014.

Mendoza was booted from Twitter for highlighting the dangersof illegal immigration and liberal-loving sanctuary cities that are harboring criminals and making our communities less safe.

President Trump leapt to her defense Sunday, tweeting, “I will help Angel Mom (and great woman) Mary Ann Mendoza with Twitter. I know Mary Ann from the beginning, and she should never be silenced. She is a winner who has lost so much, her child. Twitter, if you’re watching, please do what you have to do, NOW!”

By banning Angel Mom, Twitter demonstrates the stark truth that the Silicon Valley elites running these powerful digital monopolies care more about protecting criminals who violate U.S. Customs and Immigration laws than protecting American’s right to free speech.

This is a dangerous trajectory. Communist regimes like Chinakilled thousands of students during the Tiananmen Square massacre for speaking out against its government.

Although Big Tech isn’t using military force to silence “dissidents” whose views they disagree with, they are actively dismantling free speech — one of the key pillars of a free society enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

The right to speech distinctly separates the United States from places like North Korea, Saudi Arabia and other Sharia law abiding nations that literally kill people — including journalists like Jamal Khashoggi — for saying the “wrong” thing.

Is this the path Americans want to follow?

Make no mistake. Twitter’s latest censorship of an Angel Mom isn’t an “anecdote” or an anomaly. Far from it. Thousands of conservatives coast to coast have reported similar censorship and “shadow banning” by social media networks.

It’s time for Americans to act.

Conservatives and all those who value free speech should take a page from the Occupy Wall Street movement and organize a mass protest outside Twitter and other social media headquarters in Silicon Valley. They should orchestrate a nationwide #LogOff boycott to send these networks — and their shareholders — a message that censorship is un-American and will not stand.

Congress must also pass comprehensive legislation that protects consumer rights online.

Bottom line: If Americans don’t protect their right to free speech they’ll continue to watch that precious liberty disappear. Big Tech is abusing its power and must be reigned in without delay.

Adriana Cohen

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