Two-state solution a failed policy

By January 5, 2017January 9th, 2017Foreign Policy

John Bolton said in his “own view” — the view of a man on the short list to be deputy secretary of state in the Trump White House, the view of a former U.N. ambassador — the two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “has failed.”

On my Herald Radio show yesterday he stressed “no government in Israel or any other country would willingly acknowledge the creation of a state on its borders that’s run by terrorists — which is what you would have with Hamas and the Gaza Strip.”

He said such a plan is “not going to work.” Sorry John Kerry, this diplomat says you are wrong.

“This is why I have looked at other alternatives, because I think the two-state solution long ago reached a dead end,” Bolton said. “I’d give Gaza back to Egypt, I’d divide the West Bank and make sure Israel is secure, I’d give the remaining sovereignty to Jordan.

“That’s an unpopular suggestion because neither Jordan nor Egypt want the Palestinians, which is a pretty sad commentary on what the anti-Israel forces have done to the poor Palestinians. But if you care about them, if that’s really a motivating factor, the only way they’re ever going to provide for their families in their future is to be tied into a real economy … you’re never going to make a viable quote-unquote Palestinian economy,” he added.

With respect to the anti-Israel U.N. resolution that sent shock waves around the world the week of Christmas — thanks to Kerry and the Obama administration abstaining from a needed veto — ambassador Bolton said the “resolution over time will have a profoundly negative impact on Israel.”

He also warned that in Obama’s final days as president — sometime before President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in at noon Jan. 20 — he could declare Palestine an official state.

Asked on a scale from one to 10 the likelihood of such a declaration happening, he responded an “eight or nine.” That would reverberate around the world and drive yet another knife through our ally Israel.

Bolton encouraged Americans to contact members of Congress to prevent such a declaration, which would inflame tensions in the region.

No doubt an Israel-friendly Trump administration can’t come soon enough.

Adriana Cohen

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