U.S. can’t go it alone on crisis with refugees

By September 9, 2015September 10th, 2015Foreign Policy, Immigration, Terrorism

With the tragic photo of a little Syrian boy’s body washing ashore in Turkey capturing the world’s attention over the refugee crisis, countries around the world are being pressured to help.

And that includes the United States.

But with federal immigration and border patrol agents already overwhelmed dealing with a massive illegal immigration backlog and continued influx of unaccompanied minors, can they effectively screen for terrorists while handling tens of thousands of additional refugees?

“There is no foolproof way to screen out terrorists in the refugee flow. Few have verifiable documents, and while many are not a risk, all it takes is a handful to cause big problems,” said Jessica Vaughn, director of the Center of Immigration Studies. “Even if we could screen out the ones we know are terrorists, we can’t screen out the ones who are at risk to become terrorists later. Our experience with resettling Somalians is a good example of what can go wrong. So are the Tsarnaevs.”

Why is it America’s responsibility to take in refugees when neighboring Middle Eastern countries with massive per capita wealth are shutting their doors?

Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan have allowed refugees into their countries, and Germany is doing the same. But what about the other super wealthy Gulf nations such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia?

President Obama should address the United Nations and say “all members of the U.N. must share the responsibility — and associated cost — of taking in millions of refugees.” And then divide up the resettlement amongst all participating U.N. nations. That’s the only fair way.

The president and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry must also address the root causes of the refugee crisis, or watch it not only continue, but get infinitely worse. By making the grave blunder of removing U.S. troops from Iraq, Obama empowered ISIS to establish its dangerous Caliphate — directly causing mass migration.

But instead Kerry would rather distract the public’s attention from that reality and claim climate change is the world’s greatest danger.

He should try telling that to tens of thousands of radical Islam terror victims. Ask the migrants streaming across Europe what they think of Al Gore’s discredited film.

With winter coming, those running for their lives care about one thing now — surviving.

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