Up to William Barr to restore credibility in damaged Justice Department

With the much awaited Mueller report landing on Congress’ doorstep this week the American people already know this: The president has been totally exonerated by the special counsel whose investigation found — after a 22-month deep dive — no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia despite what we were told by #FakeNewsMedia and scores of tin foil hat Democrats over the past few years.

There are two significant takeaways: The first is #FakeNews is real. The Russian collusion hoax proved in spades that our country was subjected to a nonstop barrage of lies and disinformation disseminated by an extremely partisan ethically challenged “free press.”

The second was the assault on our Democracy by a toxic stew of co-conspirators including Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee who financed bogus political opposition research known as the “dossier” that made its way into the depths of the Department of Justice — courtesy of former FBI director James Comey and other dirty cops at the FBI — spurring multiple criminal investigations into President Trump and his associates.

This should never have happened. The Justice Department in America isn’t supposed to be used to target political opponents. But it was despite Comey telling Congress that the dossier was “unverified and salacious,” illustrating how illegitimate the investigations were from the start. The danger here is in the doubt cast by the investigations on our electoral system and Justice Department.

This week Trump told reporters, “It was an illegal investigation. It was started illegally. Everything about it was crooked.” The president continued, “This was an attempted coup This was an attempted takedown of a president, and we beat them.”

Given all we know, he is correct. There was a conspiracy among high ranking officials at the FBI and other nefarious Deep State actors who colluded with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the DNC and Obama administration officials to remove a duly elected president by any means necessary. This was evidenced by illicit spying of the Trump campaign, deceptive and misleading Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants and other under-handed methods to overthrow a sitting U.S. president.

Bottom line: Attorney General Bill Barr must hold bad actors accountable and restore trust in our justice system. A failure to do so will forever damage our country by perpetuating corrosive distrust in the system. That is not a scenario any overseer of justice can accept.

Adriana Cohen

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