Utterly weak Obama emasculated by Putin

By September 29, 2015October 1st, 2015Foreign Policy, Terrorism

The latest embarrassment by President Obama is another reason why we need to vote a Republican into the White House in 2016.

Russian bully Vladimir Putin kicked sand in Obama’s face yesterday by announcing Russia has formed an ISIS intelligence-sharing pact with Iran, Syria and surprisingly enough our ally Iraq — without America’s involvement or consent.

The president has been so incompetent in fighting the war with ISIS that now Russia — our greatest geopolitical foe — is moving warplanes, tanks, helicopters, anti-aircraft missiles and drones into Syria to get the job done. There’s speculation Russia may even deploy ground troops to the region as well.

What a blow to America’s position in the world when a longstanding “superpower” can’t destroy a terrorist army without Putin coming to the rescue.

If this isn’t emasculating, what is?

“Russia is playing for very large stakes in the Middle East, well beyond Syria, and is hoping to use its assertiveness there to help get itself out of Europe’s economic sanctions imposed because of Ukraine,” John Bolton, the former U.N. ambassador under President George W. Bush, told me.

This is what happens when an anti-war, lead-from-behind president removes all U.S. ground troops from Iraq and years later — still — doesn’t have a military strategy to defeat ISIS.

President Obama hasn’t even bothered to name the war with ISIS because in his delusional world view the United States isn’t fighting ISIS — the “coalition” he supposedly formed is.

Reality check: His “coalition” is weak at best — or nonexistent at worst — and ISIS is winning the bloody war despite questionable U.S. intelligence reports stating the contrary.

Here’s a fact a we can’t ignore: The president just blew $500 million of our collective tax dollars to train 50 Syrian rebels to fight ISIS, which has been a complete and utter failure. And if that’s not bad enough, this administration hasn’t even disrupted the Islamic State’s reported $2 billion to $3 billion war chest by tracking and freezing its financial pipeline. What’s the point in having the most sophisticated cyber technology in the world if we don’t use it when it counts?

Truth be told, our distracted president would prefer to hand the entire mess to the next commander in chief and focus on fighting climate change.

That’s a major win for ISIS — and they’re exploiting every minute of it.

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