Valentine’s Day love to all the prez candidates

Every politician has strengths and weaknesses, things we admire and some things we don’t.

This Valentine’s Day, here’s what I love about each presidential candidate left standing:

Donald Trump: He’s single-handedly redefining the political landscape while saying to heck with political correctness. He’s original, unfiltered and unafraid.

That all takes confidence, strength and courage. Sending chocolates for all of the above.

Bernie Sanders: Bernie is sincere, honest and real. We don’t love his higher taxes or plans to grow Big Government, but in a beltway full of phonies, we love his authenticity. Bernie’s the type of guy who’d be fun to have at the dinner table. No need to order takeout, I’ll cook.

John Kasich: He has heart. In his post-New Hampshire primary election speech, he said we need to slow down. We need to listen to each other more, hug more. Who can argue with that? Sending the Ohio comeback kid a hug from Beantown.

Jeb Bush: He’s a good man. He also did a quality job as governor of Florida. He’s been upstaged —by you know who — but that doesn’t take away from his character or love of country. Sending a bottle of Jack. After this election, he’ll need it.

Marco Rubio: He articulates the American Dream like no other, because his family has lived it. Rubio is all American in every sense of the word. His biography is inspiring. Sending a heart-shaped apple pie.

Hillary Clinton: She’s the poster woman for resiliency. No matter what you throw at her, she takes a licking and keeps on ticking. FBI investigation? What investigation? She stays calm and carries on. That takes a spine. Sending a 90-minute massage at her favorite spa.

Ted Cruz: Is there anyone who loves the Constitution more than the Texas senator? No there’s not and that’s exactly why we love his day-to-day battles protecting it. Sending champagne in appreciation.

Dr. Ben Carson: Who doesn’t love this man? He’s a charming gentleman in every sense of the word. A diplomat, a class act —and a brain surgeon. What do we send a guy who truly has it all? How about some red velvet cake?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Adriana Cohen is co-host of “Herald Drive,” heard 6-9 a.m. weekdays on Boston Herald Radio. Follow her on Twitter@AdrianaCohen16.

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