We need more measures than just gun control

By July 26, 2015August 18th, 2015Gun Control

It seems like every week we hear of another mass shooter taking innocent lives.

If this is the new normal, how can anyone feel safe? Is more gun control the answer? Think again.

Chicago has the strictest gun regulations in the nation and the highest gun violence. Why? Because criminals ignore the law and get the bulk of their firearms on the black market or over state lines.

If the Second Amendment was abolished tomorrow, it wouldn’t stop murderers or terrorists from obtaining guns.

Let’s remember that heroin, crack and meth are banned substances. And how is our War on Drugs going?

In Massachusetts alone, there’s a massive opioid problem.

What our country learned from the mass shootings at Columbine, Newtown and most recently at a military center in Chattanooga, Tenn., and a movie theater in Lafayette, La., is that “Gun-Free Zones” are very dangerous places. They leave civilians — including our children and military — defenseless when a crazy mass shooter or terrorist shows up.

So what can we do?

Schools can hire on-site security guards who are fully vetted, armed and trained to protect our kids, teachers and staff. Movie theaters can also hire private armed security. Personally, I’d pay an extra buck a ticket to increase public safety.

Hollywood actors should also step up and part with some of their outrageous salaries — think $20 million a role for some — so the cost of movie tickets can come down, offsetting an increase in ticket prices for security.

Or the feds can levy a “security tax” on Hollywood producers, who make billions glorifying violence. The revenue from that “security tax” can be used to hire more police officers to keep us safe.

More metal detectors can be placed at theaters and at large public events and President Obama can shut the porous border — once and for all — to make it harder for terrorists to enter our country in the first place.

Yet whenever there’s a mass shooting or 
attack, anti-gun activists and politicians too often exploit the tragedy and amp up the rhetoric on “more gun control.”

They ignore the fact that terrorists and murderers already use other weapons.

It’s time to tighten up safety, fix immigration, address mental illness and get serious about fighting the War on Terror.

Adriana Cohen is co-host of “Boston Herald Drive” on Herald Radio.  She is on Twitter @AdrianaCohen16

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