Why hasn’t Fauci been fired and put under FBI investigation yet?

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House top medical adviser, shouldn’t be on TV; he should be under federal investigation answering serious questions about his knowledge of the National Institutes of Health’s reckless funding of dangerous gain-of-function research of bat coronaviruses at China’s Wuhan lab via EcoHealth Alliance while overseeing the government agency.

And the so-called infectious disease expert leading the US COVID-19 pandemic response should be explaining shocking new information and emails obtained by Fox News’ “Special Report” program exposing Fauci’s reported role in withholding vital information about the true origins of the suspected bioengineered coronavirus and subsequent alleged cover-up at the outset of the pandemic beginning in January 2020.

The fact that America’s highest medical officer reportedly failed to disclose this critical information to the public is beyond frightening; it’s a dereliction of duty warranting his immediate dismissal and full investigation by authorities.

“On January 31, Dr. Kristian Andersen, a noted virologist at the Scripps Lab, privately told Fauci that after discussion with his colleagues some of COVID-19’s features look possibly engineered and the ‘genome is inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory,’ ” reports Fox News.

“Hours later, Fauci hastily organized a call with dozens of worldwide virologists, and notes from the meeting obtained by Special Report reveal that suspicions of the lab leak theory were suppressed over concerns of how the public would react to news of possible Chinese government involvement.”

So instead of being upfront with the American people and world at large about where and how the deadly pandemic began, it appears that Fauci & Co. were more concerned with protecting Communist China’s image and shielding the oppressive regime from accountability. In the meeting, now retired former National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins expressed fears that “science and international harmony” could be harmed and “accusations of China’s involvement could distract top researchers.”

Huh? Did Team Fauci do Communist China’s bidding by acting as its de facto public relations firm covering up its possible role in unleashing mass genocide? And have Fauci, Collins or other staffers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases ever communicated with Chinese authorities or colluded with others within the domestic or international scientific community to deliberately deceive the public on the virus’s origins?

These are just some of the questions the FBI and members of Congress should be demanding answers to as a matter of national security and public health, given the pandemic has killed millions worldwide and is still causing an average of over 2,000 American deaths per day, according to statistics by Johns Hopkins University.

But that’s not all. “Just four days later, five researchers who were on the call authored preliminary findings abandoning their early private beliefs that the virus was likely the result of a lab leak,” reported Fox News. What caused these scientists to do an immediate about-face and reverse their initial findings?

What we do know is that various drafts of their “new” talking points and vacillating “scientific” positions on the origins of the coronavirus were suspiciously sent to Fauci and Collins for their approval. And Fauci and Collins continued to work behind the scenes to squash the lab leak theory for the months that followed.
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So, here’s where we’re at in America today: Over the course of the pandemic, Fauci has been instrumental in getting social media networks and Big Tech to censor anyone spreading “misinformation” about vaccines or lab leak “conspiracy theories” while spreading misinformation himself to America and the world who relied on his trusted medical and “scientific” opinions.

Talk about a hypocrite! Has Fauci, Collins and/or the scientific research community benefitted financially or otherwise protecting China throughout the pandemic? And did Fauci commit perjury before Congress when claiming earlier this month his financial disclosures were public information?

This is where the FBI should be directing its attention — at real domestic threats such as those responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed nearly 900,000 Americans to date, and the subsequent alleged cover-up — not targeting innocent parents at local school board meetings who haven’t killed a fly.

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