Would-be jihadists finding blue line is anything but thin here in U.S.

By July 14, 2015July 17th, 2015Terrorism

If you see any cops today, give them a wave. They’ve earned it.

On July 4, an ISIS-inspired 23-year-old Adams man was busted for allegedly plotting to bomb an out-of-state college campus, killing as many students as possible using pressure-cooker bombs, guns and other deadly weapons.

Alexander Ciccolo, the alleged jihadist sympathizer, planned to broadcast the horrific executions on the Internet.

Not so fast, the men in blue said. For the second time in about a month police and federal authorities working together plucked a suspected terrorist off the street.

Although President Obama is losing the war with ISIS abroad, we can at least be thankful that here at home the FBI and police departments are on the job.

The men and women who protect us every day are the ones taking this threat as it should be taken — deadly seriously.

Attempted ISIS-connected terror attacks confirm what we’ve know for some time — Massachusetts is a hotbed for terrorism.

And secondly, the ISIS recruiting tool of choice, social media, is reaching our youths — even a police captain’s son. Ciccolo is the son of Boston police Capt. Robert Ciccolo.

Parents must get proactive in monitoring their kids’ Internet activity and social connections — both online and off. If one suspects terror activity or radicalization is afoot, you need to act.

Capt. Robert Ciccollo, who alerted authorities about his son’s jihadist sympathies, undoubtedly saved countless innocent lives.

We all have a moral and societal obligation to do the same, no matter how difficult.

The war on terror has no borders. Local police know this and live it.

Just look at how many police departments the U.S. Attorney’s Office made sure to credit yesterday — Springfield, Ludlow, Holyoke, West Springfield, Easthampton, Pittsfield and Adams.

That’s a footnote worthy of a headline.

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